The Snap Cafe

This Thao Dien restaurant is my favorite spot for a solo dinner during the week. It’s generally quiet at night, peaceful and the atmosphere is unmatched. I’ve yet to branch out with my order, as I’ve only ever gotten the hummus and roast pepper sandwich on ciabatta. This place serves my favorite condiment from the U.K., HB Brown Sauce, which is honestly one of the reasons I always go back. Although I prefer to go here with a book on weeknight evenings due to it being so quiet, The Snap Cafe can be quite busy on the weekends if you’re more keen on that. There are quite a few drink specials on throughout the week, and there is often live music on Saturdays. It’s a family-friendly space as well for those of you with kids.

PROTIP: There’s a large pool table if that’s something you’re into.